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Who writes the Autograph software?

Autograph was conceived in the mathematics classrooms at
Oundle School
, Peterborough (UK) over a number of years, but principally inspired from an original idea by Philip Couzens.

Based in the small market town of Oundle, 30 miles West of Cambridge, England, Eastmond Publishing Ltd was founded in 1990 to create and market Autograph. In those early days the software was written in BBC Basic for the Acorn computer, which then was the predominent computer in British education. Even in then Autograph was sold successfully overseas wherever the Acorn computer went, especially in Australia.

With the demise of the Acorn, the sofware was transferred as an object oriented package to the PC platform, and Version 2 was launched in 2000. Version 3 was launched in 2003 to great acclaim as it included a ground-breaking section on 3D graphing and geometry. The current version is 3.3.10 (July 2012).

Version 3: Market leader
Autograph is highly respected, and widely regarded as the leading dynamic software for teaching mathematics at secondary level. Autograph is the market leader in its field in the UK, and making strong progress overseas.

3.3 has also been localised in 6 European languages, and there are versions in Chinese,Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Korean, Hungarian and many others. Improving our market share in overseas countries is one of our important short term aims.

Version 4: Inspirational advance
It is a strong feature of the way we work that feedback from classroom teachers all over the world gets incorporated into Autograph.

Main Personnel

Autograph is conceived by DOUGLAS BUTLER
from an original idea and realisation by PHILIP COUZENS
and programmed and designed by MARK HATSELL

STEPHEN WHIPP is Manager of Installation Development

Other valuable contributions have come from:
Simon Woodhead, Mike Pinna
, Jamie Collin and Mohan Ganesalingham.

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