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. Downloading the Autograph Player
If you have Autograph 3.3 installed, the Autograph Player will have been installed at the same time, so it will be available for all the browsers listed below.

Unfortunately many browsers are no longer supporting plug-ins. The last two to still support plug-ins are Firefox and Internet Explorer (not Edge).
Firefox and IE
and Network installs

Use this installer, and then restart your browser.


Autograph users on the Mac can create and publish Player pages, and to view them they must open the webpage in the Autograph player. You can download the Autograph player from:

Latest Autograph Player for Mac

If you are using Safari or Firefox and browse to a webpage that contains an Autograph file then it will not display. You can simply copy the url, open the Autograph player and paste the url into the address bar to open the page in the Autograph player where it will be displayed correctly.

Alternatively click and drag the following link to your bookmarks toolbar in Safari or Firefox. Then click on this link when you want to open the current webpage in the Autograph Player and it will happen automatically.

Open in Autograph Player


Here is an Autograph Player page to test on your chosen browser: Hexagons

Watch this Video Tutorial on
Creating an Autograph activity and exporting to a web page

. Creating an Autograph Player page

When you have your Autograph page ready, go to . .
"File" => "Export to Web Page"

Enter title, author, and text to go above and below the player file.

Choose from 7 designs

Options (file dimensions):
Set the dimension (in pixels), eg 640x480. This is 4:3, and you may need to adjust the original window dimensions to match the same aspect ratio.

Options (HTML code):
You can copy the code for the player page and paste it directly into your HTML project, which may be in Dreamweaver or in a VLE (eg Moodle). Of course any 'Content' and 'Theme' settings are irrelevant here.

Just make sure that the location of the associated ".agg" file is referenced correctly in the code.

Here you can upload your HTML file to your FTP location.

Press "Preview" to check it out first.
Press "Generate" to save your HTML file

Here is an example of creating an
Autograph Player item in a VLE environment

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